OPT General Assembly Minutes 9/29/2012

OPT General Assembly Minutes 9/29/2012

About 8 people present.

Brief checkin where each attendee shared why they were here today and what they hoped to talk about.

Agenda items:

  • Proposal to participate in:  Quaker, Friends committee on national legislation event
  • Proposal for action:  Next Saturday gallery walk movie action
  • Proposal to endorse event: Community Rights vs Corporate ”Rights”: The Choice is Ours
(These items began as simply agenda items and evolved into proposals during the discussions)

Proposal 1:  Saturday Oct 6 Gallery Walk Action

The OPT Direct Action working group proposes to do an action Saturday night where OPT will show a video, probably a movie of the OPT Judi Morris meeting, on some wall downtown.  This would be during the gallery walk.  The DAWG will plan any further logistical details.  Result:  Passed by full consensus. 

Proposal 2:  Proposed that Occupy Port Townsend endorse the upcoming event: Community Rights vs Corporate ”Rights”: The Choice is Ours.

Endorsement merely means promotional materials etc may list Occupy Port Townsend as a co sponsor for the event. Details of the event:

Fellowship Hall Oct. 8th 6:30-9.

 Do corporate ”rights” trump the rights of citizens?  Are we, the people, the primary constituents of those we elect, or are corporations?  Paul Cienfuegos, organizer and educator in Portland, Oregon, understands that almost every community issue he’s worked on over the past 30 years emerged as a symptom ofcorporate rule.  He now engages in theCommunity Rights movement which, through authentic local democracy, establishes legally-binding laws banning harmful corporate activities.

Paul will be at the QUUF on Monday, October 8th at 7:00 pm to lead a workshop on how we can harness the efforts of diverse groups of local citizens to pass legislation  protecting the health and wellbeing of our community and its environment.  In this, we would join 140 towns in 8 states which have enacted laws placing Community Rights before corporate rights.  Join in. $10 suggested donation
Result:  Passed by full consensus.

Proposal 3:  Occupy Port Townsend have a table at an upcoming event held by the Quaker Lobby group

Friends committee on National Legislation.  Frank will serve as logistical liason for the event and share all future details.  Date: Oct 29 at the community center.  Result:  Passed  by full consensus.
GA Adjourned at 1:40pm.
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