Occupy Port Townsend Direct Action Working Group Visits Every Office In Jefferson County Courthouse for Petition Signatures (gets zero). Visits Farmers market (gets hundreds).

On Friday May 25th, members of the Occupy Port Townsend Direct Action working group decided to collect signatures on the petition demanding all Jefferson County money be immediately moved out of Bank of America at the Jefferson County Courthouse.  Members entered every office in the building requesting signatures- including the County Treasurer’s office.  It was an exhilarating and fun action by all accounts.  The only openly hostile county office was the Auditor’s office who reportedly greeted the group with “I have no interest in what you people have to say.”  Little does the auditor realize this attitude will just make “us people” talk louder.

You can sign an online version of this petition here!

The next day, Saturday May 26th, members of the OPTDA then visited the Port Townsend Farmers Market.  For two hours members circulated through the market collecting signatures on the County Petition.  Several hundred were enthusiastically given.  Members plan to continue meeting every Saturday from 11-1 at the Farmers market for signature collecting until another location becomes preferable.  Members plan to continue pressuring the County to move all public money out of Bank of America until the end of time.

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    “You people” statement says it all.

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