Why Does Jefferson County Bank with Bank of America? Some Occupy PT members asked County Treasurer Judi Morris.

(Report by Rachelle) – Friday April 6 a crew of us went to meet our county treasurer, Judi Morris.  Four Occupy PT adults and my two babies were in attendance. One week ago, I had filed a request for a number of documents, including the new county contract with Bank of America (BOA).

I admit I was a bit nervous, unsure of how welcome we would be.  I’m sure Morris has enough on her plate without having to look up and print off documents in regards to banking contracts.  However, the money that Morris works with is public money, and how that money is used is a public concern, especially when the county banks with an entity that is an admitted felon.

I also came with a list of questions to ask Morris, uncomfortable questions – the important ones usually are.

I was pleased to find the Morris was very polite and had all the documents very well organized so I was able to quickly assess which I needed copies of.

Here are some of the things we learned:

  • The county is now in contract with BOA for another 1.5 years.
  • The other banks responses to the original bid for contract have been destroyed as it is past the retention period of six years.
  • The BOA contract was renewed early due to the scheduled conversion of the county’s computer system.  Morris did not want to deal with renewing the contract and converting the computer system in the same time frame.
  • The new BOA contract was effect April 1 (ha, ha, no joke)

Here are Morris’ responses to my questions:

  1. Are  you aware that there are many people protesting about the big banks, in particular BOA? Yes
  2. Do you know why we are upset about BOA? I’ve looked at your website, so I have an idea.
  3. Are you interested in learning more about why BOA is considered to be such a bad bank? Frankly,no.

Although she told me “no,” (and I appreciate honesty), I informed her that BOA instituted a policy that punishes any employee who spends more than ten minutes helping a home owning in foreclosure or facing foreclosure.  I also mentioned the fact that BOA paid a $137 million fine for its sabotage of the government-contracting process.  In case you hadn’t heard, this is BOA mafia style way of getting banking contracts with government entities… they get together with a few other big banks and decide whose turn it is to “win” a contract.  Then everybody else bids higher than the bank whom is chosen to win.  And as far as I’m aware, nobody is in jail for this behavior, the mob is sure to be envious of their tactics.  Wait a sec, is the mob in charge of banking now?! http://www.rollingstone.com/politics/news/bank-of-america-too-crooked-to-fail-20120314#ixzz1qToslDfv

Well, despite my very persuasive examples of moral (not to mention legal!) corruption, Morris informed me that if BOA is good enough for the state to bank with, that is good enough for her.  Secondly, she said, it is up to the government to prosecute the bank, so as long as Washington State was banking with BOA, she figured they are just fine.
I completely disagree with this logic (if it can be called that).  Bank of America, and most of the other big banks are completely morally and legally corrupt.  It is up to every single American to stand up for what is right by refusing to participate (called aiding and abetting in legal terms) with BOA and the other corrupt entities.

  • O’Neill D. Louchard

    Knowing her response I will write a letter of protest when I send in my property taxes. I am quite upset that my money will be in BofA!

  • http://fireweedfarm. Rachelle Merle

    That’s a great idea O’Neill, maybe everyone who pays property taxes should do that.

  • Jack

    This is so great Rachelle. Thanks for getting this issue started off on the right foot!

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