Proposal to “Endorse the Occupy Charlotte Call to Action”.

Proposal to “Endorse the Occupy Charlotte Call to Action“.

This is a national call to action from Occupy Charlotte North Carolina.From May 1st through May 12th Occupy Charlotte is calling on all People willing and able to fight against corrupt institutions, corrupt legislation and corrupters of legislation.

.May Day May: 1st General Strike – In Charlotte or wherever you are, show the corporations and the elites that we may not run the country but we make the country run! If you are able, don’t work, don’t go to school, don’t buy anything… DO spend time with friends and family, at home or in the streets!

.May 3rd: Duke Energy shareholders meeting in Charlotte — Duke Energy has enormous investments in coal and nuclear energy, and a virtual monopoly on utilities.Duke has also proposed a merger with Progress Energy, a merger which would make them the largest energy provider in the United States. In your communities, fight your own energy monopolies and tell them to stop funding dirty and dangerous energy!

.May 8th: Vote against Amendment 1 in North Carolina! – In a state where same-sex marriage is already unlawful, this amendment would write discrimination into the state constitution and ban legal recognition for all unmarried couples, stripping all unmarried couples and their children of rights and protections. In your communities, declare that civil marriage is a civil right!

.May 9th: Bank of America’s shareholders meeting in Charlotte – Convergence of actions begins on May 6th. Bank of America needs no introduction. B of A’s funding of climate change, its role in theeconomic crises, its racist and predatory lending practices and heartless foreclosures have become public knowledge. In your communities, take action at Bank of America branches!

May 11th: The American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC)’s “Spring Task Force Summit” in Charlotte – ALEC is a non-profit “policy” organization with over 2,000 legislative members and 300 corporate members. ALEC created the model legislation for the anti-union bills in Wisconsin as well as the anti-immigrant SB1070 in Arizona. In your communities, take action at an ALEC corporation — ExxonMobil, Bank of America, BP, Monsanto, Pfizer, Wal-Mart (see for more)!

In May, Charlotte NC will be the battleground for the Occupy movement. We urge everyone to come stand in solidarity with us.







Passed by Consensus 4/28/2012

We Need Your Help!
Changing the world is not easy, but it is fun! Please join us when ever you can at any OPT event, GA, or working group!

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What You Can Do Right Now…
You can start here by signing the Motion to Amend the Constitution, rescinding corporate personhood - the first step to getting corporate money out of politics:


For more information visit our Amend the Constitution Resource page.

Or Sign the Anti-corruption Pledge

Or raise awareness about homes being foreclosed

Download this document and post it on foreclosed homes in your neighborhood:

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