Endorse Friday Banking Related Direct Actions

As announced at previous GA’s:  Direct Action working group strives to do something every Friday centered around  banks.  They have vigiled at Chase, and delivered a pledge to US Bank, Bank of America, Chase Bank, and Wells Fargo. The group has also gone to the Jefferson County office for a public records request concerning the county’s contract with Bank of America. Research is being done to see if any local banks can handle county funds.

Whereas many of these acts were done spontaneously, we propose that for the sake of clarity, the GA officially endorses the Occupy Port Townsend Friday Direct Action events made over the last few months and are ongoing.  This endorsement applies to non violent direct actions focused upon big banks issues such as foreclosures and encouraging people, businesses, and institutions to move their money out of the big banks.
We further ask that the GA officially approves keeping photos and reports about these activities published on the Occupy Port Townsend website.

Amendment added:  All interested parties are always welcome to attend the Direct Action Working Group meetings!

This proposal was tabled at 4/14/2012 GA

This proposal passed by unanimous consensus 4/28/2012

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This could have been you slow dancing while shutting down Bank Of America...

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You can start here by signing the Motion to Amend the Constitution, rescinding corporate personhood - the first step to getting corporate money out of politics:


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Or raise awareness about homes being foreclosed

Download this document and post it on foreclosed homes in your neighborhood:

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