OPT GA #11 minutes 2/25/2012

Started at 2:15 with about 25 people present.


1.   2:00 pm start:  Intro:

  • James/Savanah = co-facilitators, Thomas – stack, Steve – Time Keeper, Jean – Proposal Wrangler, Julia – Scribe.
  • OPT GA Update/Brief Intro
  • Intro to Process – skipped because there are no new people.
  • Review agenda

2.   WG Quick Reports

  • Move to Amend – 3-30 event – Forum at Chimacum HS. Petition has over 900 signatures of registered voters.
  • Process and Facilitation work group – considering changing the frequency of GAs – will come up as a proposal.
  • Direct Action Team – will come up as proposals and Open Space will look include a group who is interested in doing frequent small actions. B of A had a small action Friday which resulted in an officer saying that he will help people renegotiate their mortgages.  There is interest in continuing a regular presence like there was at the Farmers Market.
  • We Bank Local logo being voted on – on the web site.
  • Help local businesses by starting to use cash/checks not credit cards because they hurt local businesses. There is a coalition of Occupy, Move On, N. Olympic Exchange, Main Street, possibly local bank, 20/20 to promote the use of cash instead of credit. Buy Local, Eat Local, pay cash! (Natavar)
  • Outreach WG – new to canvass businesses and to door knock.

3.   Open Mic “Why are you here? or other urgent things to say to group” –

  • Support proposal for us to participate actively on Earth Day and tired of being part of a very sick society.
  • Super enthused about the Social Forum in Olympia. People came from all over including Barcelona Spain, etc. Went to security culture for activists and will share hand out. We should definitely outreach to our neighbors. March 30th – East Coast – People’s Congress. We had a great time.
  • Reenergized in Olympia – believe there are things that can benefit our local community.
  • I am here because I see a lot of people that are unhappy.
  • Light at the end of the tunnel – little cards that will help people remember to support the local businesses even when thought Tyler St. is shut down. (Cash is a 3% discount, because credit hurts the businesses)
  • Daughter unhappy about student loan debt and lack of choices.
  • Good friends whom home was going to auction – their parents rescued them.

4.   Proposals  - Process outlined on web site.

  • Earth Day Proposal – (Aaron) – Whereas, we the members of Occupy Port Townsend strongly believe in the sanctity of the environment. And whereas, we support other organizations in the community working to preserve and protect the Earth locally and globally. And whereas we strongly oppose those who are polluting and destroying that environment.     Therefore: we hereby resolve to join in the local celebration of Earth Day event.
  •  ( this part was removed: to forcefully oppose current plans to construct and operate a large scale Industrial Biomass Incinerators in our community in the absence of any Environmental Impact Studies or planning.)

1.   Clarifying questions:

1.   Negative impact on local economy. Response: Big concern about the negative health impacts – asking for a moratorium until the health impacts are properly investigated – issues clarified – health, environmental and educational.

2.   Would we have a both: Yes

3.   Does the Booth cost money and are we limiting ourselves to that one issue. We are hoping to have a broader agenda. Do not think there is a charge for non-commercial organizations.

4.   I think we need to be talking about the economic issues relating to this.

5.   Have a booth that supports every thing we do and another part of this is to support the moratorium.

  • Earth Day Proposal amended and passed by consensus.


May Day Action – In solidarity with Occupy May Day 2012 – Occupy Port Townsend and Direct Action Working Group would like to answer the call for a general strike on May Day against business as usual, against the 1% who use their wealth and influence to make decisions that adversely affect the rest of us, the 99%. This has been a traditional action in Europe and Latin America for generations to show their power as people in unity – it’s time we started it here!

  • OPT joins with the world FOR A DAY WITHOUT THE 99%. On May Day wherever you are we call for NO WORK, NO SCHOOL, HO HOUSEWORK, NO SHOPPING, NO BANKING – Take the street and to do it the PT way – let’s have a block party on Water Street.
  • In protest against the corruption of the worldwide market place, which has led to, amongst other things, illegal foreclosures, mass unemployment, low wages, high taxes and the penalization of the 99% who do not won most of the world’s resources we want EVERYONE TO STRIKE! TEACHERS, SAFEWAY, QFC, ALL STUDENTS, EMPLOYEES CALL IN SICK. We ask city and county officials to close their offices. We ask store owners to shut their doors.

Clarifying Questions:

1.   How global – all across the US with lots of Occupys.

2.   Block party – non-permitted, but don’t expect arrests.

3.   What are you asking for? Endorsement, participation and press.

4.   What day of the week – Tuesday, and is there conversation with local businesses? No not yet.

2.   Statements of Support:

1.   SEIU 925 is looking at loosing collective bargaining rights on health care and is in looking at May Day –

2.   Looking at having a good time at the block party.

3.   Great idea – hoping we do it.

3.   Statements of Concern:

1.   Local business owners are really struggling to survive. Want them to know that Occupy is on their side.

2.   Also concerned about local businesses – would like them invited.

3.   May Day is about the workers! In celebration of and with the workers. The 99% makes the world go round. Yes, that is the point of this.

4.   Would like to support a variety of ways to support the action not just all or nothing. Yes, we are looking at ways to include schools, teachers etc.

Friendly Amendments –

1.   Local businesses would be willing to put up signs in support. Support this by not using credit cards.

2.   Not a strike, no pressure just spend the days hanging out with friends.

3.   Don’t use the negative word “Strike”. Invitation. Just do an Occupy Port Townsend Day.

4.   This is the day we invite you not to go to any corporate stores, pay in cash.

5.   It is International Workers Day – then somehow addresses this. Focus on the workers.

5.   Facilitator suggests that the proposer – Mary rewrites the proposal and brings it back to the group in a week.

Proposal Tabled till next week

Proposal:  Education Events: Occupy Presents:

1.   Workshop on Foreclosures;

2.   Non-violence Teach in;

3.   Bring The American Gandhi to do a public presentation.

  • Passed by consensus

5.   GA Scheduling Open Mic – Going every two weeks with a visible protest in between.

  • Would like it to be time limited – like to May
  • Would like it to start in 3 weeks for date specific reasons.
  • Would like to meet socially every other week so that there is something happening every week.
  • Would like to be time sensitive so that we eventually meet outside.
  • Believe in regularity so we don’t loose new people.
  • Every other week protest will be an opportunity to increase visibility and is a social occasion.
  • Every other week – formal meeting, then on the off weeks incorporate an educational forum after a protest.
  • Regularity real important, but could be forums.
  • This came out of the Google Group discussion about the low numbers. And also because our facilitation team may burn out.
  • The facilitation team would like to take a Saturday off. So 2 to 4 on Saturdays at the Upstage will be Occupy time, We will plan GAs on certain days.
  • Proposal: March 3, 17 and 31 will be planned GAs at the UpStage from 2 to 4 PMPassed by Consensus

6.   7.   Community Announcements (working group meetings etc)

  • On March 10th there will be a Move to Amend Bake Sale at the Community Center from 9 to 1. The 10th will also be an open space at the Upstage 2 to 4 to talk about Occupy.
  • March 17th – Move On  March 17th  – St. Patrick’s Day – do the snake of your choice. Noon till 2, then meeting at the PourHouse (Diane)
  • Kitsap 99% Spring Gathering – Port Gamble sKallum Tribal Center – 10 to 4 on March 24th.  (Liz)
  • Outreach Working Group – go door to door to our neighbors to find out what are their needs. (Stacy)

8.   Working Groups:

  • Process and Facilitation – 5:00 – Tuesday Nights – Necesito Burrito.
  • Move to Amend – Undertown – Monday Mornings 10am
  • Direct Action – Necesito Burrito – Weds. 5:15

9.   Meeting adjourned 4:00 PM


OSSF 2012 Report Back


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